Certificate of origin and GSP certificate
Certification of origin of cargo, which under some commodity is obligatory (for example for textiles) or/and entitles for customs reductions. Shipper provides the certification.

Announcement fee involving customs information system

Airwaybill, which travels with shipment. Includes information of flight and cargo.

Bill of Lading = B/L
A document issued by carrier or his agent to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. Shipper provides the document for you. We need the original Bill of Lading in case it’s not telex released or surrendered.

CIF value
Customs value, which is determined by freight and commercial invoice amount. If terms of transport is CIF, freight is already included on commercial value.

Waybill for truck transports, which is provided by a transport company. CMR often travels with shipment.

Full container load

Clause of agreement, which defines dividing of responsibility and charges between the transport parties.

Less than container load

Allowance duties = Fee of customs warranty
Service fee based on percentage of duty and VAT amount. It is charged in case customs clearance is arranged on account of agent. This fee can be avoided by paying duty and VAT in advance. Company may also have a customs warranty of their own.

Phase of handling the freight documents in terminal. After this phase shipment can be released from terminal to transport company or final consignee.

Chargeable weight
Computational weight which is determined by volume or weight of shipment. It is used when calculating freight and local charges.

Arrival notice
Arrival notice is sent to consignee, when actual arrival date of ferry has been confirmed by carrier.

Type of chassis of transport for container, which enables the container to be put down on ground during loading or unloading.

T1 customs procedure
It is needed when undeclared cargo is transferred in EU area before it will be customs cleared or leave country.

HS-code = commodity code = customs tariff code
Every commodity on export and import shipments has this code. Code includes 10 numbers. Customs percentage is determined by this code.